Ragazze means sisterhood ...


Open to girls and nonbinary children in grades 5-8, Ragazze is an auditioned ensemble for singers looking for a fun and challenging choral experience. Singers in Ragazze know that their voices are stronger together than apart, and work weekly on ensemble-building skills to strengthen not only their own voices, but their ability to collaborate with others. Singing in a variety of languages and musical styles, Ragazze singers develop strong choral artistry, vocal technique, and performance skills while creating lifelong friendships.

Eligibility Requirements:

Treble Voice

Excellent Intonation
Collaborative Spirit

Ragazze rehearsals include weekly elective classes designed to strengthen singers’ musicianship. Singers begin with multi-level theory training, and continue to study vocal technique, composition, songwriting, conducting and more.


Ragazze Rehearsals
Christ Church of Oak Brook
501 Oak Brook Rd
Oak Brook
Tuesday 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm



Bravura means boldness ...

Bravura Snaps.jpeg

Bravura Rehearsals
Grace Bible Church

398 W. Eggleston Ave.
Sunday 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm

Open to young women and nonbinary youth in grades 9-12, Bravura is an elite auditioned ensemble for singers dedicated to the highest caliber of musical excellence. Bravura singers are confident creators and enthusiastic collaborators, able to sing in a wide range of languages and musical styles. Vocal independence is highly emphasized in Bravura, as repertoire can expand to include as many as 8 harmony parts, and solo opportunities are available for interested singers. Bravura singers are focused, energized, and disciplined, and are eager to take artistic risks and try new things, knowing that beauty can only grow when we break new ground.

Eligibility Requirements:

Treble Voice

Excellent intonation and purity of tone

Strong Musical Ear

Knowledge of fundamental music theory

(or enrollment in Bravura Theory)

Music Literacy
Collaborative Spirit

In addition to participating in an elite choral ensemble, Bravura singers have the option to further develop their musicianship through weekly elective classes. Electives meet outside of regular Bravura rehearsals, and cover subjects including vocal technique, songwriting, composition, music technology, conducting, and more.

Bravura Theory is required for students who have not yet tested out of Ragazze Intermediate Theory, and is open to anyone who would like to brush up their theory skills.


Men of Spirito

Men of Spirito are mentors, leaders and helpers

Open to men with changed voices ages 18+, the Men of Spirito are committed to Spirito’s mission of service, mentorship, and community. This avocational choir welcomes all singers looking to strengthen their voices, make excellent music with a community of dedicated guys, and give back to the community through yearly service and social events. The Men of Spirito sing in a wide range of styles and languages, and appreciate the fun and challenge of learning new music in a welcoming setting.

Eligibility Requirements:

Changed Voice

Excellent Intonation

Collaborative Spirit

MOS Baseball.jpeg

Men of Spirito Rehearsals

First United Methodist Church


Tuesday 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm

Scholarships and Financial Assistance


At Spirito, we believe that every child who has the desire and ability

to sing with us should have the opportunity to do so.

Not only does Spirito provide singers with a first-rate musical education, but we also give singers a home-away-from-home, a second family where they can be creative, be curious, and be themselves.

Several levels of financial assistance and scholarships are available each year. Financial assistance is awarded on a sliding scale, with additional discounts available for families with more than one singer in Spirito ensembles. Full-tuition scholarships are awarded at the beginning of the season, and are based on a singer’s audition or vocal assessment, completed scholarship application, and letter of recommendation from a teacher or other trusted adult.


Please contact Carling FitzSimmons with questions about the application, or to inquire about sponsoring a singer for the season.


Click below for the Financial Assistance application and Scholarship Supplement. (The Scholarship supplement need only be completed by those interested in applying for a full-tuition scholarship for the upcoming season.)

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